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Research Methods in Psychology

This course emphasizes an appreciation of the scientific method, the development of research skills, knowledge of research ethics, and the evaluation of scientific research. It focuses on research design, experimental procedures, descriptive methods, instrumentation, and the collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of research data. Students conduct library research, design and implement research projects using appropriate methodologies and controls, analyze and interpret data using the SPSS statistical computer program, and write research reports using the APA format. In laboratory sessions, students conduct experimental and non-experimental research in a variety of areas of psychology. Students with MATH 103 may take PSYC 104/SOC 104 or PSYC 104H/SOC 104H concurrently with Research Methods. C-ID PSY-200.

Subject: PSYC
Course Number: 205
Section Number: 2215
Units: 3

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
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Office hours: TBA & by appointment
Phone: voice mail: 760-757-2121 ext. 6549
Instructor notes: The class is not self-paced and is divided into two separate components: lecture and lab. The lecture component is fully online and will require students to submit lecture assignments online. The lab component is in the classroom on campus. The exams will cover both the lecture and lab components and will be taken in the classroom on campus. Textbook: Graziano, A. M. and Raulin, M. L. (2010). Research Methods: A Process of Inquiry (7th ed.). Allyn & Bacon, ISBN: 0205634028.

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