Student Success Workshops

Fall 2014

Student Orientation to Online Learning
Presenter:  Jim Julius

Are you taking an online or hybrid class this semester? Uncertain about what it takes to be a successful online student? Whether it's your first online class or you already have some experience, this one hour session will help you practice key skills and make you aware of important resources available to help you be your best online!

Presenter: Charlie Medina
Trouble getting your SURF ID and password? When can I enroll? How to add, drop and pay for courses. What's my Financial Aid status? Where are my grades? Get answers at the SURF student workshop.

Presenter: Charlie Medina
How do I submit a document through BlackBoard? What is a Discussion Board? Where are all my assignments? Get answers to these questions and more!

Reading for Success
Presenters: Denise Stephenson and Luke Lambert
Want to read better? This workshop is all about improving your reading. Focus on your own reading process to develop skills for any college course: chemistry, sociology, accounting, English. . .

Chemistry Lab Write-Ups
Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Aim for Success: Prep to write Chemistry 110 labs.  Learn about 3rd person, passive voice, formatting and more.

The Scholarship Thank You Letter
Presenter: Brandi Blahnik
Awarded a scholarship?  Join us for information about what to include in that all-important thank you letter.

Welcome to YOUR MiraCosta Library
Presenters: Steven Deineh and Glorian Sipman
Come learn all about your college's library and awesome services and resources they provide! Did you know, for instance, that they provide access to more than 150,000 eBooks?! Or to more than 10,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers?! You'll find this workshop informative, entertaining, and useful whether you're a new or returning student.

Pronunciation Workshop
Presenters: Ruth Gay and Melissa Lloyd-Jones
Pronunciation is a huge part of learning a language.  At this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to listen to and practice authentic English as it is spoken in the real world.  You’ll also learn some tricks for sounding like native speakers.

Time Management
Presenter: Jose Mota
Organization tips to help students better juggle, school, work & family.

Overcoming Math Anxiety
Presenters: Leila Safaralian, Luke Lara and Hilda Gomez-Zinn
Do you have math anxiety? Learn how to succeed in math and how to deal with math anxiety. In this workshop, presented by a math instructor and a counselor, you will learn about:  how the brain works, learning styles, smart choices, mathematical mindset, success strategies, homework hints, managing math anxiety, stress reduction techniques, and test taking tips.

Strike Read and Write Gold
Presenter: Robert Erichsen
Tired of reading your textbook?  Ever wanted to have your textbook read out loud to you?  Come learn how this program can do just that.

Ready, Set, Research
Presenters: Myla Kelly, Richard Ma and Steven Deineh
Search smarter, not harder! In this workshop you will receive an introduction to successful research strategies for focusing your topic, planning your research and finding the best information resources for your assignment!

Keeping Motivation Alive
Presenters: Luke Lara and Adrean Askerneese
How to deal when life and school collide.

Minimize Stress, Calm Your Senses, Focus on Success
Presenter: Edward Pohlert
Does stress get in the way of your academic success?  Come and join us for an interactive workshop that identifies key stress relief strategies for college students.  Do it now before midterms and finals take over your world!

Practice Safe Writing: Avoid Plagiarism
Presenter: Denise Stephenson
Temptation is everywhere! Learn how to avoid different kinds of plagiarism. It’s vital to your academic health.

Writing Your Personal Statement: Don't Delay
Presenter: Brandi Blahnik
Your personal statement is a critical part of your transfer application.  Learn useful tips and techniques for writing your transfer admission essay.

Aha! Articles!
Presenters: Jennifer Paris, Richard Ma and Pamela Perry
Learn how to distinguish between scholarly and popular information as well as how to find great articles in the powerful MiraCosta College Library article databases such as EBSCOhost & JSTOR! Amaze your friends, impress your professors, and sleep easier at night!

Cite Right!
Presenters: Myla Kelly and Glorian Sipman
The shroud of mystery surrounding citation styles will be cast off as you learn the basics of MLA and APA style. Bring your sources, your Works Cited or References list, or just bring your interest and enthusiasm! After this workshop you will no longer be in the dark about citing sources effectively!