Utility Cart Safety Training

Eligibility, Testing and Certification: All drivers of Utility Carts must complete and pass the online exam and have a signed Acknowledgement Form on file with the Risk Management Department as required by Board Policy 6530.

Utility Carts are only to be operated by authorized District employees. Carts cannot be loaned to other employees or students without verification of eligibility of cart operation found on the Shared Drive list of approved operators. (S:\DMV Approved Drivers)

Requirements for Approval

Procedures to complete training:

  1. View the Utility Cart Training document. (PDF)
  2. Complete training by reading through PDF completely.
  3. Take the online exam once you have completed the PDF. You can find the link on page 51 at the top. “Click this Link to proceed to the online exam.”
  4. Once complete, fill out the “Acknowledgement Form (PDF)” and have supervisor sign it. Send the form to Risk Management at MS #14.
  5. Contact Facilities (x6875) to schedule a time to complete the Behind the Wheel Training.
  6. Once Behind the Wheel Training is complete, Facilities will notify Risk Management by submitting a signed copy of the training checklist.
  7. When Risk Management receives all documents, your name will be added to the Approved Utility Cart Drivers list found on the Shared Drive.