Institutional effectiveness Committee

Mission Statement of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) ensures academic quality by systematically reviewing, evaluating, and refining the district’s governance organization and Integrated Planning Model.  The IEC coordinates the integration of the functions and processes for planning and decision-making. The IEC promotes continual, district-wide dialogue about institutional effectiveness and documents the improvement process.

Recommends Updates and Revisions to

The Integrated Planning Manual and those items including Board Policies and Administrative Procedures currently routed to GO Committee would be routed to IEC, and other items as determined by the Steering Council.


The responsibilities of the MiraCosta College Institutional Effectiveness Committee would include:

Structure and Composition

Chaired by the Accreditation Liaison Officer/Dean of Institutional Effectiveness with two Vice-Chairs: a faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate President and Classified member appointed by the Classified Senate. The Vice-Chairs may serve for 3 years, non-renewable in those roles. There is no term limit for chair.  The committee will, in its first year of operation, discuss and establish appropriate term limits.


Thirteen members comprised of four faculty members (including the vice-chair), 4 administrators (including the chair and ensure at least one classified administrator), four classified staff members (including the vice-chair), and one student, each selected by the appropriate governance council.

Meeting Schedule

Second Friday of each month during the Academic Year, 12:30-2:30 pm.