Budget and Planning Committee


The Budget and Planning Committee (BPC) is responsible for formulating and recommending to the appropriate councils policies and procedures related to institutional, strategic, and integrated planning, accreditation, grants and gifts, and budget management and preparation. BPC is also responsible for recommending tentative and final budgets, strategic and master plans, grant proposals, and resource allocation processes to the appropriate council(s) or to the Vice President, Business and Administrative Services.


Co-chaired by a faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate president and an administrator appointed by the Administrative Council. The faculty co-chair may serve for three years, nonrenewable. No term limits on the administrative co-chair.


Sixteen members including seven faculty members (includes co-chair), four administrators (includes co-chair), four classified staff members, and one student, each selected by the appropriate governance council.

Terms of Membership

Meeting Schedule

First and third Fridays of each month, 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. and the occasional fifth Friday, if needed.