New Position Classification

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.2 Procedure for Classification of a New Position

The originating supervisor(s) shall submit a proposed job description to the Director of Human Resources, who will work with the department to prepare a finalized job description. The supervisor shall submit the request through the program review process. Upon approval of the new position by the superintendent/president, the Director of Human Resources shall forward the new job description to the CRC chair. The finalized job description shall be used as the basis for classification.

CRC will convene, review, and assign points based upon the following factors:

A.  Factor 1: Education and Skill
B.  Factor 2: Experience
C.  Factor 3: Decision Making
D.  Factor 4: Supervision Received
E.  Factor 5A: Lead and Supervisory Responsibility
F.  Factor 5B: Supervisory Authority
G.  Factor 6A: Contacts–Purpose
H.  Factor 6B: Contacts–Frequency
I.   Factor 7: Physical Effort
J.  Factor 8: Visual Effort
K.  Factor 9: Working Conditions

The committee members may consult with the employee, supervisor(s), Director of Human Resources, and/or the consultant for input or clarification.

Upon completion of point assignments, the CRC chair will forward and present the committee’s recommendation of a salary range to the members of the superintendent/president’s cabinet listed above for consideration and recommendation.

After the superintendent/president’s cabinet approves a CRC recommendation, the Director of Human Resources will prepare the agenda item and submit it, along with pertinent position information, to the superintendent/president for inclusion on the next Board meeting agenda.

New Position Classification Review Packet