Classification Review Committee

Board Policy 7230 Classified Employees

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.1 Classification Review Committee (CRC)

CRC is a subcommittee of the Classified Senate Council and is comprised of six classified employees with staggered two (2)-year terms, with exception of the prior year's chairperson, who shall continue on for a third year. All committee members are voting members. All committee members must attend a mandatory orientation and training session with the District’s consultant in order to serve on the committee.

It is the responsibility of CRC to review and make recommendations on classifications of new positions, reclassification of existing positions, job title modifications, and temporary reclassifications. Classification reviews are personnel issues and as such are confidential.

The CRC members evaluate classified job descriptions by applying factors and points based upon the job evaluation point plan.

Upon completion of point assignments, the CRC chair and the Director of Human Resources will forward and present the committee’s recommendation to the following members of the superintendent/president’s executive management team (EMT) for consideration and approval:

  1. Superintendent/President
  2. Vice President of Business and Administrative Services
  3. Vice President of Instructional Services
  4. Vice President of Student Services
  5. Classified Senate President

Decisions made by CRC are recommendations, as are the recommendations made by the above members of the superintendent/president’s EMT. The superintendent/president makes the final recommendation to the Board.

The importance of keeping job descriptions accurate and up to date cannot be overemphasized. It is the responsibility of supervisors and employees to ensure that job descriptions are kept current. The Human Resources staff will make changes to official job descriptions, as agreed, and will forward final copies to the employee, supervisor(s), and CRC.

Employees serving on CRC may not evaluate his/her own positions for reclassification.

Classification Review Committee Election

An election shall be held each year in November. Nomination procedures shall be the same as for CSC Representatives. To establish an appointment pool, Classified Senate (CS) members vote for nominees to serve on CRC. The highest vote recipients are selected to the appointment pool. The Classified Senate President will then appoint members from this pool to serve in the vacant positions on the committee for a two-year term. Alternates will also be appointed to the committee, and will serve if a vacancy should occur. The CRC appointees are reviewed and ratified by the Classified Senate Council. All appointees will be announced after ratification and/or at the November Classified Senate General Meeting and officially recorded in the Classified Senate highlights.

In making appointments to CRC, desirability of obtaining cross-divisional representation from a broad range of Classified positions is considered.

CRC will recommend a Chair annually to the Classified Senate President for approval. Members become eligible to chair the committee once they have completed their first full year of service.

Should a short-term (six months or less) vacancy occur in the CRC, the Classified Senate President in consultation with the CRC Chair will appoint a replacement who has prior CRC experience, and will notify the Classified Senate Council of the appointment. Should a long-term (more than six months) vacancy occur, the CS President will appoint a replacement from the pool created by the most recent election. If no one is available from the recent pool, a former CRC member will be asked by the CRC Chair, in consultation with the CS President, to fill the vacancy until a new member is elected in November and completes the orientation/training process. Any long-term appointment will be ratified by CSC.

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