Job Title Modification

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.7 Procedure for Job Title Modification

An employee may submit a request for job title modification when:

A.  A new job title more accurately reflects the duties of the position
B.  The supervisor supports the change

Employees who have more than one supervisor must receive approval from each supervisor. All documents are forwarded to the division vice president(s) for review and approval. If the request is denied, the forms are returned to the employee and supervisor.

Upon division-head approval, the form is forwarded to the Director of Human Resources. When approved, the form is forwarded to the CRC chair. CRC will review and determine the appropriateness of the proposed job title. The CRC chair will forward the committee's recommendation to the superintendent/president’s cabinet. If approved by the superintendent/president’s cabinet, the packet is forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for processing and preparation for the next applicable Board meeting.

Request for Job Title Modification