Noncredit Program

All noncredit programs have been actively involved in identifying and assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs). At the 2006 noncredit fall orientation for Continuing Education faculty and staff, Outcomes and Assessment Committee (OAC) members presented a process being used by General Education and Career and Technical Education faculty to identify SLOs and assisted in leading the noncredit effort.

Noncredit ESL

The noncredit ESL program was an early adopter of SLOs, and the 2006 fall orientation was an important next step in developing a program mission statement, revising and updating SLOs, and determining appropriate assessments for seven levels of instruction plus six other approved noncredit ESL courses. SLOs for all noncredit ESL programs are posted on the noncredit ESL website.

Since the noncredit ESL program receives federal funding and must report benchmarks, the program has assessed all course SLOs for three academic years, 2009–2011. The SLO assessment results are posted on the noncredit ESL webpage

Faculty and staff use SLO assessment results to continuously improve program quality and effectiveness. The SLOs are posted on the noncredit ESL webpage.

Adult High School Diploma

The adult high school program has adopted three SLOs for each course. The program assesses the SLOs each time a course is offered. Data are collected and maintained by the faculty secretary, and results are entered into TracDat. The SLOs are evaluated annually by program faculty, and the results are used for curriculum and program improvement. The program will be completing four cycles of SLO assessment and evaluation by May 2012.

Other Noncredit

Beginning in 2002, some SLOs for courses in the other noncredit programs were developed and written by faculty members working collaboratively. In 2010 most of the courses underwent curriculum revision, including new SLOs corresponding to revised curriculum. For the courses requiring no curriculum revision, SLOs were checked and updated as necessary. Both curriculum revision and updating of SLOs occurred with faculty collaboration. After these changes traveled through the Courses and Programs approval process, they were approved by the Board of Trustees in spring 2011 and were then sent to the Chancellor’s Office. During fall 2011, all instructors assessed SLOs for each of their course sections. Assessment results were entered into TracDat by December 2011. Instructors will assess SLOs yearly.

Noncredit Short Term Vocational

After the Noncredit Short Term Vocational Department separated from Other Noncredit in 2011, it became a new department consisting of one full-time faculty member. All short-term vocational courses have been assessed, and their assessment results have been entered into TracDat.