David W. Megill, Ph.D.

Music Theory, History, Technology, Performance
B.A., M.A., University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
email: dwmegill@miracosta.edu
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If you are taking one of my classes you'll want to go here.

Interactive Listening We have created software players to use in each of out textbooks. The players use HTML5 to stream audio. You can interactively follow the a description of the music as it plays.

Interactive Listening Player for Jazz

Databases and the Web I'm currently working under the hood of Mac OS X and using open source tools to leverage my online work. I'm currently moving much of the material from my brother and my textbooks into a MySQL database and using PHP to deliver the information dynamically to the web. You can watch my progress. I'm also working on "Flectures" which are flexible, or flash, or featured, or fast online lectures.

Megill Music Lab

Sample Flecture

Java I am working on an online testing system that is smart!. It works with you to help find your Megill SMART score. Be patient! It can take a while to load up the first time. (If you are on a Mac you will need IE4 or better (FireFox) to try these.

Smart Musical Assessment in Real Time

On-line Education My interest in authoring viable online courses in music encompasses Music Appreciation, Music Fundamentals, Jazz Appreciation, Rock History and Music Theory. These courses include many of the tools mentioned on this page. The Music Fundamentals class uses extensive Flash, MIDI and Interactive Java applets. We are using Moodle as the Learning Management System. You can look at the current classes here. Use "demo" as the id and "demoteacher" as the password. Music Classes
Print Stuff (I know, old technology) I write textbooks as well as computer code. Major Publications
Graduation Speech given in 1996 "It's all about Pinballs"
Although my philosophy about teaching and learning changes daily, here is a snapshot overview that will probably change before you finish reading it. Teaching/Learning Philosophy
I'm an honors coordinator and wonder if critical thinking isn't overrated. Published in FACCC Journal Noncritical Thinking
An apology for distance education. Published in FACCC Journal. A Distant Apology
I went to Berkeley in the 60s. It's so quiet now? Published in FACCC Journal. Why Is Berkeley Silent?
It really feels good when it all works. Published in FACCC Journal. A Jazz Epiphany

I've tried to create a text article that uses counterpoint the same way music does. Published in FACCC Journal.

Counterpoint To Print

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