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  • BUS 138, Advertising and Promotion
  • BS (Finance), Boston College
  • MBA, San Diego State University
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Erin Carpenter
BUS 138 Class

Erin Carpenter has served as the Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant for Hidden Peak Interactive since July 2010. As Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant, Erin has developed and implemented Digital Integrated Marketing Communications Plans for small businesses in the manufacturing, real estate, and transportation industries.

Prior to her work as a digital marketing consultant, Erin excelled in a number of other roles, including a wide range of knowledge and skills. In 2010, she served as MBA Consultant and Product Manager for the Foundation for Women in which she and her team developed a business plan that helped finance and launch the organization’s Micro Loan Blend coffee project. She also worked as an Operations Business Analyst, an Independent Financial Consultant, and a Charter Pilot. Erin is also fluent in French.

Erin completed her Bachelors of Science from Boston College in Finance with a minor in French. In 2010, she received an MBA from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Erin’s insatiable passion for entrepreneurship and background in finance sets her apart from others in the field and she brings a healthy wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom. MiraCosta Team
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BUS 138 Fall 2012


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On-Campus Class Evaluations:
Fall 2012: BUS138:2852

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

Welcome to the Advertising and Promotions course (BUS 138). This fun, challenging and rewarding course will provide a combination of marketing concepts, practical applications and ethical considerations. I believe that knowledge put into action creates wisdom and thus will integrate a healthy combination of hands-on activities with course readings throughout the semester. My primary goal is for students to walk away with knowledge and skills that they can apply directly to their professional lives.

Students will participate in group and individual projects designed to simulate strategic and tactical implementation of business situations. Topics will involve the coordination of advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, digital (interactive/internet) marketing, public relations and personal selling and other activities that communicate with a firm's customers.

In addition to gaining an overall understanding of the marketing environment, I want students to gain an understanding of how to effectively market a business online. In today's advertising environment, every business needs to have an online (internet) presence. Technology has enabled small businesses to compete and gain exposure that was previously only available to brands with big budgets. Students will have the opportunity to create and implement a digital marketing strategy for an operating business or event. This strategy will include the integration of social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, online advertising (pay-per-click, social advertising), website conversion design, and analytics

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from this class, students will be expected to attend and regularly participate in class activities. It will also be essential to have internet access outside of class in order to complete class assignments and projects.