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  • ACCOUNTING Instructor
  • ACCT 201, Financial Accounting
  • BS (Aerospace Transportation), Southern Illinois University
  • MBA, Marymount University
  • VOICEMAIL: 760.757.2121 x1338
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Rex Schildhouse
Excited Students

Rex A Schildhouse is an on-line / associate faculty member of MiraCosta College teaching Accounting 201, Financial Accounting.  Rex provides his students with many self-produced audio/video files to augment the textbook and assist in understanding the concept of accounting.

Rex has an Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Transportation from Southern Illinois University prior to beginning his career in the U.S. Navy. During his Navy career he received an Master of Business Administration degree from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. After retirement he completed a graduate level professional certificate in accountancy program. He completed both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants test series for the CPA and the Institute of Management Accountant’s program for Certified Managerial Accountant.

While primarily employed as a business consultant or manager Rex has been teaching in San Diego area universities and colleges since the 1990s. His teaching subjects include financial, managerial, and cost accounting as well as office applications and computerized accounting applications. To support his courses Rex has published ancillary materials in support of numerous authoring teams. MiraCosta Team
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ACCT 201 Financial Accounting


ACCT 201:1445 Spring 2013 (online)


ACCT 201 Rex Schildhouse Intro

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Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

My associate and bachelor’s degrees are aviation related, my MBA is general, and my additional post graduate studies are in precision and accuracy – accounting. My experience and knowledge comes from a career as a commissioned Naval Officer and Naval Aviator which included project manager and post military service activities as an accountant, a manager, business consultant, and more than fifteen years of teaching online, hybrid, and on ground courses in accounting, computerized accounting applications, and computerized office management applications. I have numerous collegiate texts published on computerized office systems and computerized accounting applications. I look at accounting and see sequence and logic with very few variables and no unknowns. I work to transfer that appreciation to my students.

I often encounter students who state that they expect accounting to hard and require extensive knowledge of math. Both false passed on by others with closed minds and closed books. Accounting is a series of easy questions such as “Did cash increase or decrease?,” or “Did an employee earn wages?,” “What is 2+2?,” or “What is 7 percent of $150?” These answers, handled one by one, form individual elements of a large presentation. Accountants add, subtract, divide, and multiply numbers and work with percentages. And to solve these challenges accountants have an array of tools such as handheld calculators, digital spreadsheets, and computerized accounting programs. No cube roots or volumes of a cone.

To support my students I utilize specific e-mail accounts, this ensures that your e-mail is not overlooked in an administrative barrage of transmissions. And I have an extensive library of self-produced audio/video files related to specific subjects within accounting and accounting tools on the course homepage. I ensure that the students have complete access to all of the appropriate textbook support material. When you have a question, ASK! We are in this together as a “class.” I utilize the discussion board capabilities of Blackboard and respond to most e-mails within twenty-four hours.

Want an A in the course? It is easier than you think. Read the text, review the available resources, ask questions, then accomplish the assigned challenges before the deadlines expire with an acceptable grade level. Numerous assignments allow more than one try, part of the growth experience, learn from your mistakes.

The goal is to convey knowledge so that the student attains his or her specific goals. It is a team effort. Join the team.