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  • BA, University of Phoenix
  • MBA, University of California, Irvine
  • OFFICE: Room T-412, Oceanside Campus
  • TEL: 760.757.2121 x6949
  • EMAIL: rsoza@miracosta.edu
Rita Soza
BUS 120 Class

Rita Soza retired from Emerson Electric Co. in 2002 as the Vice President of Human Resources, North America/Europe for the $16 billion conglomerate's $750 million, multi-national electronic device manufacturing division headquartered in Carlsbad, California. She was with the company for many years and held numerous roles within the human resources function. Rita was responsible for integrating Employee Benefits programs in four multi-billion dollar corporate acquisitions. She served as senior human resources advisor to several Emerson division presidents and corporate executives. She also served as ethics officer for the company in four countries and served as trustee for three retirement plans.  

Rita has been a full-time Business Administration Instructor with MiraCosta since Fall 2006.  Previously, she taught business courses at MiraCosta and developed courses for UCSD, CSUSM and MiraCosta’s Human Resources Management certificate programs. In addition to teaching Introduction to Business, Business Communication, and Human Relations in Business, Rita is a regular instructor for our Community Services and Business Development Department’s Human Resources Management and Supervisory Academy certificate programs.  

Rita obtained her undergraduate degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix and Masters of Business Administration from University of California, Irvine. She earned a Professional Human Resources certification in 1992 from the Society of Human Resources Management in Arlington, VA and a Senior Professional in Human Resources certificate from SHRM in 2001.  

Rita recently participated in the SDCCD's "Profiles from the Road" TechPrep program by interviewing and profiling three very interesting businessmen who followed very different paths to success: Craig Weatherwax / Clifford Wiese / Thomas Tillman. Additional profiles by other contributors can be found at http://techprep.sdccd.edu/job_shadow/faculty_job_shadow_profiles.html 


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Great news for an important Business course – BUS 136, Human Relations in Business, has now been approved for the CSU general education pattern, Plan B, thus an additional section has been added to the schedule of classes for fall 2014!  How can BUS 136 work for you?

CSU GE- Plan B, Area E, or elective credit for transfer to all CSU campuses
MiraCosta General Education, Plan A, Area E-2, Self-development and Area F, Cultural Diversity – Note: This one course will fulfill two GE area requirements
Associate Degree/Certificate of Achievement major requirement: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, Retail Management
Elective credit: Certificate of Achievement in Marketing, Any associate degree
Just as important, read what students have to say about the daily value BUS136 brought to their personal and professional lives.

BUS 120 Introduction to Business Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):
BUSN-8: CH01 CH02

BUS 136 Human Relations in Business Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):
Reece 12th ed Text: CH01 CH02

BUS 290 Business Communication Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):
BCOM-6: CH01 CH02
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Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

Since the courses I’m teaching are entry level and provide a foundation for all future business courses, I work hard to give students the broadest view of the business world possible from a classroom setting.  This not only means lively lectures and discussions, fieldtrips, guest speakers, and creative projects, but includes a classroom run like a socially responsible business.  In other words, expectations are high in terms of attendance, participation, and citizenship; for instance, homework and projects get turned in on time, or not at all, class starts on time and tardiness is not accepted, etc.  At the same time, I am glad to work with students who need special assistance from time to time due to work schedules, illness, family problems, etc. as long as these arrangements are made in advance.

All my students have my cell phone number and are encouraged to call me with any questions about material covered in class, read in their textbook, assigned as homework projects, or advice regarding actual business situations they are encountering on the job.  Similarly, if students miss class or otherwise seem to need encouragement from me they shouldn’t be surprised if they receive a call from me.

I believe that people learn best when they are having fun and when they have some hands-on activities; therefore, interactive exercises are planned for many classroom meetings.  To ensure an enjoyable atmosphere for all, student cynicism, negativity, rude or unprofessional behavior of any kind has no place in my classroom.  Students who want to learn a lot about business, want to translate military language to the world of business, want to practice techniques to improve their interpersonal relationships, and want to improve their written communication skills will love my classes.  Students who just need another three units to complete their schedule should probably reconsider signing up for my class.

Student work is graded promptly and often on the same day submitted.  All grades are posted on Blackboard for student access.  My presentations and lecture notes are all posted on Blackboard along with our syllabus, daily schedule, and description of most homework assignments.  I often send reminders to students about important dates and/or adjustments to our schedule.  These reminders will be emailed and posted as announcements on Blackboard.

All work in my classes must be typed.  Students should plan ahead for possible computer or printer problems and not put off homework assignments until the last minute, since excuses for late work are not accepted in my classes, just as late work is not accepted in the business world.  Since my classes are not offered on-line all work will be presented in class and not emailed.

So that’s really it in terms of what to expect from me as an instructor, except this promise, “If you attend class with a good attitude and do the work assigned, I promise you will learn a great deal in my classes that you will be able to use right away in your personal and professional life as well as lessons that will serve you well when attending four year universities and/or as you advance in your career.”

Looking forward to meeting you!