Internet Scavenger Hunt - Answers!

Here are the answers to the Internet Scavenger Hunt. Congratulations to our winner, Michael Ray.

1. Where can you find the newest issue of The Communicator?

2. Where can you find a copy of Noncredit ESL Priority Outcomes for the level you teach?

3. Where can you find lessons and Internet websites that previously appeared in The Communicator?

4. Where can you access a copy of the 2003-2004 noncredit academic calendar?

5. Where can you find 2003 – 2004 term and registration dates for the CLC?

6. Where can you find a power point presentation on Managed Enrollment?

7. Where can faculty locate help for using SURF?

8. Where can you locate a copy of the hourly faculty time card?

9. Where can you find out about professional development activities for MiraCosta faculty and staff?

10. Where can you find information all the citizenship opportunities at MiraCosta College for noncredit ESL students?

Bonus Question:
Where can I order See’s Nuts and Chews for our hard working CLC noncredit support staff? (hint: It’s not on the MiraCosta College website.)