Internet Resources


Here are some new resources:

English For All Internet Videos

English for All (EFA) is a Web-based multimedia system for adults learning English as a second language.
It incorporates California standards for High-Beginning ESL and the Skill Modules of the Latino Adult Education Skills Project. The Division of Adult and Career Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District under the CyberSTEP Project, used federal grant money to develop EFA. EFA consists of one ESL/Basic Skills course on 20 - 15 minute videos. The site features interactive student activities, streaming video (for broadband connections), 'Flash'-based audio, and a course management system for teachers to track student progress. Print materials are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and are freely downloadable from the Web site.
The interactive Web site is the core of the program. The URL is

Andrew Villena has installed English For All on all computers at the CLC, including the computers in the Staff Lounge so you can practice working with the materials. Thanks Andrew. We will demonstrate EFA at Fall Orientation during the afternoon Smart Room presentation.

ESL Collections

Web English Teacher

At Web English Teacher you can take advantage of online technology to share ideas and to benefit from the work of others. Beginning instructors and experienced faculty can find ideas and inspiration from this site. The author, Carla Beard, suggests thinking of this site "as the faculty library and faculty workroom on a global scale." She adds that "...the most important part of teaching isn't the technology." For example, the descriptive writing section has several concrete activities to help students write descriptive essays. The site map is very extensive. Some of the resources you will find at this site include: lesson plans, webQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities. You will hear more about this site during this academic year because the noncredit coordinators are exploring digital storytelling as a means to help our students build litereacy and workplace skills while creating their own personal stories. This is definitely a 4 * * * * website.

Health and Literacy Special Collection

In our recent student needs assessment, health care issues were one of the four highest ranked needs of our students. This extensive website will provide you with information, classroom activitivies, dictionaries and glossaries of health terms and student stories. Many of the stories have sound. The site is compiled and updated by World Education Staff and supported by the National Institue for Literacy . Their stated goal is "to support the integration of health and literacy education in adult basic education programs and health literacy awareness in health care settings."

Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk

Here is another impressive collection of resources. While the resources were developed for middle school and high school ESL, I found an incredible array of meanignful activities including writing, reading and literature, grammar, classroom management and Kim's Kreations - a mini-catalogue of masters for manipulative materials created by Kim.

The Internet TESL Journal

Whether you are a new or an experienced instructor, you are probably like me and always looking for good ideas with very little time to find them. I found a great place where you can do one stop shopping for relevant ESL articles, lessons, techniques, questions, games, and even jokes. I found several great ideas here for the first week of classes.

Other Cool Websites

Google Maps

This is a great interactive map site. It differs from Mapquest because you can have a street map or a satellite picture. The satellite pictures are very visual and may help our students get a clearer sense of where they are trying to go, what the land looks like, how close they are to the ocean, etc. I can't wait to hear your creative ideas for using this great resource.


SymbolWorld is a website dedicated to people who use symbols. It was created by Widgit Software and has material for all ages. There are personal contributions, stories and learning materials. Click on the "i" to learn more about using the site. There is a Site Map with descriptions of each story, and an introduction outlining the main sections and descriptions for using the site. To understand how helpful this site may be with beginning ESL students, click on "Learning". Then click on "Interactive" and then "Emotions". Also try clicking on "Personal + Social" and click on "Healthy Living".

Breaking News English

This site provides current events lesson plans. Each lesson has an article, listening, communication, reading and vocabulary exercises. All handouts are in word and PDF format. The lessons are written at two levels - easier and harder. I printed out the lesson on Bob Dylan and loved the activities associated with the lesson.

Babel Fish Translation

By popular demand, here is the translation site I gave you last November. It is easy to use and usually gives me the words I need in a plethora of languages.



Professional Development

20 Technology Skills

T.H.E. Journal Online: Technological Horizons in Education provides a comprehensive list of technology skills that every educator should have to stay current in the field of educational tedchnology. The article discusses that "not only do we use computers, but we also have laptops, wireless laptops, and tablet PCs. In addition, we have the World Wide Web, scanners, CD burners, USB drives, digital cameras and digital video camers, PDAs, as well as video and DVD players." And our students do too! The article provides wesites for helpful information and tutorials for each of the 20 technology skills.