Internet Resources


Three interesting reading sites for ABE/ESL are:
This site has listening and reading activities.

At the state CATESOL conference in Pasadena, the adult level workshop was called “Let’s Talk Technology”, and it was very well attended. The presenters were Marion Thatcher, Susan Gaer, Donna Price-Machado, and Leslie Shimazaki. I have handouts from the session. Just ask me, and I’ll get you a copy. Susan Gaer’s handout had three questions she is often asked in her technology workshops. I think you’ll find her answers very informative.

Question: What do you do with a mixed level class? In my class I have students who have lots of computer experience and some with no computer experience at all?
Group students so that there is one computer-proficient student in each group. That student becomes your assistant and helps those with no experience to complete the project. As students become more proficient, change the groupings.

Question: My students can’t type. How can I do an activity with them that involves keyboarding?
When I introduce my students to the keyboard, I teach them these keys: shift, enter, space bar, period and question mark. They hunt and peck to find the letters. They aren’t bothered by this, and it doesn’t take that long.

Question: Why should we do this?
It enhances and supports language learning, it’s motivational for the students, it’s important for family literacy (their children are doing this at school and at the library and they shouldn’t be intimidated), and it increases job skills.

Do you have favorite websites? Be sure to share them with me, and I’ll post them in the next issue of The Communicator. The next issue will be waiting for you the first day of Term I, 2003 on August 18.