Terrific Writing ideas, vocabulary excercises and lesson plans from our teachers

Our teachers are so creative, and some of our teachers shared their newest ideas. When you click here, you will find student writing samples from Suzanne Woodward and Carla Stoner's Advanced level classes. You will also find a vocabulary building activity from Mark Stephens. Below are instructions for each activity. If you need more information, please contact Suzanne, Carla or Mark.

Suzanne Woodward's writing project: Suzanne said it is always hard to test students on prepositions because much of the time it is a matter of memorization or just "knowing" which one they should use. So after she finished a grammar unit on prepositions, Suzanne decided to have them practice prepositions of place and time in this poetry format.  In this way, they were creating sentences that would have more meaning to them than sentences on a test.  The students were also practicing descriptive writing--each sentence needed a description of some sort. I know you'll enjoy the students' poems.

Carla Stoner's writing project: Carla's advanced students selected a favorite celebrity, developed questions, and then interviewed each other as if they were the chosen celebrity. Carla took pictures of her students and transposed them on the body of their chosen celebrity. The students really enjoyed taking on their roles, and their writing improved because they cared so much about the project.

Mark's vocabulary project: Mark's completed a vocabulary square from a list of vocabulary words. Each pair were given two words. To make the square, students folded a piece of paper into four squares. Then they had to write the vocabulary word in the center; in the top left hand corner, define the word using a dictionary; in the top right hand corner, write an example for the word; in the bottom left hand corner, use the word in a sentence; and in the bottom right hand corner, put a non-example of the word. Mark was brave enough to try this activity for the first time when I observed him. I loved it and so did his students

Lesson Plans - Are you looking for a project idea? Kristi Reyes took the free online class, Using the Internet to Enhance your ESL Class, taught by Susan Gaer. She developed two very impressive lessons. The first lesson is called Consumer Education Team Project: Online Comparison Grocery Shopping, and the second lesson is Job Search with Online Classified Ads Thanks Kristi for sharing your innovative and practical lessons.