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Creative and Applied Arts

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Interested in applying your imagination and creative talents? The Creative and Applied Arts ACP supports a community of learners broadly focused on visual and performing arts as well as commercial application of artistic expressions.

  • Our programs of study will help you develop artistic skills that can be applied in fulfilling careers in technical theater production, stagecraft, graphic design, web and interactive design, illustration, digital photography, audio production, recording technology, and more.
  • If a bachelor’s or master’s degree is in your future, our creative arts majors will prepare you for transfer opportunities in the areas of art, music, dance, theater, film, design, and photography.

Careers in Creative and Applied Arts *

  • Painters, illustrators, photographers, film makers, art critics, art teachers, and art dealers.
  • Dancers, choreographers, actors, producers, casting directors, talent agents, and set designers
  • Composers, arrangers, music promoters, music teachers, sound designers, sound editors, and recording technicians.
  • Advertising artists, graphic designers, animators, web designers, and videographers.

*Many of these careers require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Student Story

Kristina Kalchev

Kristina Kalchev always dreamed big. She knew since she was young that she wanted to become not only a film director, but also a film composer and songwriter. Thanks to the lessons learned at MiraCosta College, Kalchev has already captured an Emmy Award and is well on her way toward reaching her dreams.

“MiraCosta was perfect for me,” Kalchev said. “It provided an awesome opportunity to dip my toes into film, musical performance and music technology, all while getting my undergraduate requirements out of the way – which happened to save me quite a bit of money.” READ MORE ABOUT KRISTINA.

Programs of Study

KEY: Certificate of Proficiency Certificate of Achievement Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree

Program of Study Programs Sequence
Art Digital Photography MAP
  Museum Studies  
  Studio Art for Transfer MAP
Dance Dance (prior training) MAP
  Dance (no prior training) MAP
  Dance Instructor  
Design & Technology (Theatrical) 3D Modeling and Prototyping  
  Applied Design  
  Architectural Design  
  AutoCAD Certified User  
  Computer-Aided Drafting  
  Computer-Aided Drafting and Design  
  Construction Management  
  Drafting Fundamentals  
  Engineering Design Graphics  
  Mechanical Design  
  SolidWorks Certified User  
Dramatic Arts Dramatic Arts  
  Design and Technology (Theater) MAP
  Theatre Arts for Transfer  
Film Film, Television, and Electronic Media for Transfer MAP
Liberal Arts: Creative and Applied Arts Liberal Arts: Creative and Applied Arts  
Media Arts & Technologies Digital and Print Publishing  
  Graphic Communication  
  Graphic Design MAP
  Video and Animation  
  Video and Media Design  
  Web Design  
  Web Development and Design  
Music Music Performance  
Music Technology Music Technology MAP
  Business of Music  

**These maps are suggested sequences for course completion. Please consult a counselor to first complete an educational plan.

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