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Math and Sciences

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Do you like making logical connections, conducting experiments, and discovering and analyzing how something works? The Math and Sciences ACP is designed for those who are curious about the world and how it works. Our programs serve as building blocks to any certificate, associate degree, or bachelor degree, and they can prepare you for a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields as well as medicine.

  • You will have many options to choose from in the Math and Sciences ACP, such as biology, chemistry, biomanufacturing, biotechnology, mathematics, physics, computer science, earth sciences, and horticulture.

Careers in Math and Science *

  • Lab technicians, lab assistants, chemical technicians, biomanufacturing technicians, and crime lab analysts.
  • Engineers, computer programmers, software developers, database managers, and video game developers.
  • Landscape architects, sustainable agriculture managers, pest control specialists, horticulturalists, and food scientist technicians.
  • Economic analysts, research analysts, statisticians, information scientists, and database administrators.
  • Chemists, mathematicians, and research scientists.
  • Biologists, ecologists, biochemists, marine biologists, meteorologists, physicists, and oceanographers.
  • Medical doctors, pharmacists, and dentists.

*Many of these careers require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Student Story

Nate Phillips

Nate PhillipsNate Phillips this fall enrolled with the inaugural cohort of 23 junior-year students at MiraCosta College's groundbreaking bachelor's degree program in Biomanufacturing. MiraCosta is one of just 15 California community colleges selected in a pilot project allowing the campuses to offer a for the first time a bachelor's degree in an in-demand field.

"I couldn't be happier," said Phillips, 32. "This is a profession that is growing exponentially, especially in San Diego County. The market is there. This is the spot for it. It's a great field to get into and it’s a great program to have at MiraCosta." READ MORE ABOUT NATE.

Programs of Study

KEY: Certificate of Proficiency Certificate of Achievement Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree

Program of Study Programs Sequence
Biology Biology for Transfer  
  Biology Major Prep MAP
  Environment Science Major Prep (SDSU) MAP
  Environment Systems Major Prep (UCSD) MAP
Biotechnology Biomanufacturing  
  Biomanufacturing MAP
  Bioprocess Technology  
  Laboratory Skills  
  Research and Development MAP
  Research and Development  
Chemistry Chemistry Major Prep MAP
Computer Science Computer Programming Fundamentals  
  Computer Programming Fundamentals  
Earth Science    
Geology Geology Major Prep MAP
Horticulture Irrigation Technology  
  Landscape Architecture MAP
  Landscape Architecture  
  Nursery/Horticulture Crop Production MAP
  Nursery/Horticulture Crop Production bookmark  
  Pest Control Adviser MAP
  Pest Control Adviser  
  Sustainable Agriculture MAP
  Sustainable Agriculture  
  Sustainable Landscape and Turf Management MAP
  Sustainable Landscape and Turf Management  
  Viticulture and Enology MAP
  Viticulture and Enology  
Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Sciences Liberal Arts: Mathematics and Sciences  
Mathematics Mathematics Major Prep MAP
Physical Science    
Physics Physics Major Prep MAP

**These maps are suggested sequences for course completion. Please consult a counselor to first complete an educational plan.

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