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Social & Behavioral Sciences

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Are you intrigued by human behavior? Are you curious about how societies meet their needs? The Social and Behavioral Sciences ACP will introduce you to cultures and societies from around the world and throughout history to help you understand the social, political, psychological, and economic forces that shape our world today.

  • Our classes will prepare you for careers and transfer in administration of justice, anthropology, early childhood education, economics, geography, history, human development, psychology, political science, religious studies, and sociology.

Careers in Social & Behavioral Sciences *

  • Attorneys, criminologists, police officers, corrections officers, court reporters, and paralegals.
  • Economists, public policy analysts, social workers, anthropologists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists.
  • Preschool teachers, daycare managers, elementary school/middle/high school teachers, professors, and counselors.

*Many of these careers require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Student Story

Chelise Walker

Nate PhillipsThe San Marcos resident was lacking a clear vision of what she wanted in her future after graduating from High Tech High North County. So, a couple years later, Walker decided to give MiraCosta College a try.

Good thing. Today, Walker is thriving in MiraCosta College's Child Development program, is preparing to transfer to a university, and is laying the foundation to work as a preschool teacher or director – and perhaps earning a master’s degree in the field.

"In a perfect world, I would come back to MiraCosta College as a professor and teach child development," said Walker, who turned a service-learning assignment at the Child Development Center into an apprenticeship in which she is now training other future preschool teachers to organize teacher schedules, plan activities and more. "This place has meant so much to me." LEARN MORE ABOUT CHELISE.

Programs of Study

KEY: Certificate of Proficiency Certificate of Achievement Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree

Program of Study Programs Sequence
Admin. Of Justice Administration of Justice for Transfer MAP
  Law Enforcement MAP
  Law Enforcement  
Anthropology Anthropology for Transfer MAP
Child Development Assistant Teacher  
  Associate Teacher (MCC GE) MAP
  Associate Teacher (CSU GE) MAP
  Associate Teacher  
  Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer  
  Early Childhood Education for Transfer MAP
  Early Intervention and Inclusion  
  Master Teacher (MCC GE) MAP
  Master Teacher (CSU GE) MAP
  Master Teacher  
  Site Supervisor (MCC GE) MAP
  Site Supervisor (CSU GE) MAP
  Site Supervisor  
  Teacher (MCC GE) MAP
  Teacher (CSU GE) MAP
Economics Econ Major Prep (CSU) MAP
  Econ Major Prep (UC) MAP
Gerontology Gerontology MAP
  Optimal Aging and Older Adulthood  
History History for Transfer MAP
Liberal Arts: Multicultural Studies Liberal Arts: Multicultural Studies  
Liberal Arts: Social and Behavioral Sciences Liberal Arts: Social and Behavioral Sciences  
Political Science Political Science Major Prep MAP
Psychology Human Development MAP
  Psychology MAP
  Psychology for Transfer MAP
  Research Fundamentals  
  Volunteer Services  
Religious Studies    
Sociology Research Fundamentals  
  Sociology for Transfer MAP
  Social Justice Studies for Transfer: Gender Studies MAP
  Social Justice Studies for Transfer: LGBTQ MAP
  Volunteer Services  

**These maps are suggested sequences for course completion. Please consult a counselor to first complete an educational plan.

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