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Disabled Workstations


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Diskette drive

Printer: Black

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CLC: Community Learning Center

Open lab


Scheduled lab CLC131
Scheduled lab CLC133
Scheduled lab CLC135

OC: Oceanside Campus

Community Services lab OC1035
Open lab OC1200 MACLab AssistanceCD 4 Scanners
Math Learning Center OC1200
Bibliographical Instruction classroom OC1201
Video Conference Center OC1202
Disabled Students High Tech Center OC3007
EOPS lab OC3019
Career Technologies & Counseling Center OC3730
Drafting lab OC4530 Other: Plotter
Scheduled lab OC4607
Information/Multimedia lab OC4610
Writing lab OC4611
Instructional lab OC4612
Information/Multimedia lab OC4622
Foreign Language Resource Center OC4701 Other: Tandberg
Flexible Learning Program Center OC4803A
Business Office Technology lab OC4803B
Computer and Information Sciences lab OC4804
Hort OC7001  
Hort OC7003  
Hort OC7051  
Music Department lab OC2200
Music Department lab OC2200
Career Center lab OC3700

SAN: San Elijo Campus

Library lab SAN102
Math Learning Center SAN103
Open lab SAN106 Lab AssistanceCD 1 scanner available
Scheduled lab SAN107
Computer and Information Sciences lab SAN108
Community Services lab SAN112
Networking lab SAN309
Foreign Language Resource Center SAN508 Other: Tandberg