Pop-ups in Browsers

Some processes require the use of pop-ups in Internet browsers; for example, MiraCosta's password reset process must have pop-ups enabled. For your convenience, please find below the steps to enable pop-ups within different browsers:

Internet Explorer

NOTE: Windows XP Service Pack 1 does not have the pop-up blocker option. The following instructions refer only to Windows XP Service Pack 2.  Windows XP Service Pack 2 implements a Windows pop-up blocker on your computer. If a pop-up blocker is installed such as Pop-up Stopper, it may not work until after the Windows pop-up blocker is disabled.  In addition, other software that requires the use of pop-ups such as WebCT and Outlook Web Access, also have features that will not work until the Windows pop-up blocker has been disabled. To change Pop-up Blocker settings:

Firefox on PC

Firefox on Apple/MAC


Please contact the Employee Help Desk with any questions or issues about this process (helpdesk@miracosta.edu, 760.795.6850 or, x6850).