Wimba Voice Tools and Wimba Pronto

Wimba Voice

Wimba Voice is a web-based voice solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. MiraCosta College has a Campus Wide License for Wimba Voice. Wimba Voice is Available from within MCC Blackboard.

The new 6.0 release of Wimba Voice allows instructors to not only grade a voice discussion board from within Wimba Voice but to automatically add these evaluations to the CMS gradebook.

To learn more about Wimba Voice go to: http://www.wimba.com/products/wimba_voice/

Instructor Training

Wimba Pronto

Wimba Pronto is is an academic-centric instant messaging platform designed to bring informal learning settings online. One of the main differences between Wimba Pronto Basic and other instant messaging programs is that Wimba Pronto Basic is synchronized with your institution's Course Management System (CMS). This means that students and teachers are automatically connected with other Wimba Pronto users enrolled in the same courses.

Instructor Training


Questions about setting up Wimba at MiraCosta, contact Karen Korstad at kkorstad@miracosta.edu or 760.795.6787.