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Internships and Co-ops are designed to provide MiraCosta students with workplace experience and new or improved skills. Students must have an internship placement or have a job to be eligible to enroll. The Career Center can help students find internship placements and jobs. To learn more about finding an internship check out our Internship Process

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Internship Studies and Cooperative Work Experience Education courses are transferrable to the CSU System. Credit options vary based on the number of hours the student is interning/working and the availability of courses during any given semester.

3 unit = 225 hours 3 unit = 180 hours
2 unit = 150 hours 2 unit = 120 hours
1 unit = 75 hours 1 unit = 60 hours
4 unit = 300 hours (Available in Paid Occupational Work Experience Only)

A student may not enroll in general co-op, occupational co-op, and/or internship studies concurrently.  The maximum units a student may earn for any combination of general co-op, occupational co-op, and/or internship studies is 16: however, a maximum of 6 units is advised for transfer students.

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The Career Center BLDG. 4700, Oceanside Campus can provide additional information and assistance or call for more information: 760.795.6772.

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