Introduction to Leadership: An Introdutory Course for Supervisors-Becoming Effective Leaders.

We bring this training right to you. However, if you have fewer than 8 employees who wish to complete these classes, we also offer the entire program at MiraCosta College most semesters for an affordable cost of only $60 per class or $200 for all four sessions, per person. Call us at 760.795.6820 for the next upcoming class series.

This four-week course covers the basic fundamentals of leadership, preparing emerging leaders in adopting a new role as employee-focused leaders. The program covers the latest tools on employee motivation, empowerment, and communication to achieve a solid relationship of collaboration, trust, and commitment between supervisor and employee. In-class activities will allow for hands on experience on lessons learned during the course. Attendees will gain skill sets that will improve workplace communication, allowing employees to show more positive engagement, deeper commitment, and a stronger dedication to their jobs.

• Employee motivation: Discover what drives employees, the key to effectively motivating and encouraging employees to achieve higher levels of performance. Inspire creativity in the hearts and minds of everyone in the team.

• Leadership styles and employee assessments: Understand the different types of employees, what motivates them, and how to best supervise these individuals. Recognize the different personality types and how to best match a person with a job or situation.

• Delegation and empowerment: Learn hands-on techniques to effectively delegate and empower employees to achieve high levels of employee commitment. Supervisors also will learn the advantages when delegating appropriately and the links between motivation and empowerment.

• Communication: Master communication skills and practice active listening. Receive tools to prevent employee confrontations and diffuse conflicts. Practice how to communicate effectively and what to say (and avoid saying) when communicating in the workplace.

For additional information please contact:
Community Education and Workforce Development (760)795-6820