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If you need to find a job quickly, redirect your career, or upgrade your professional skills, turn to MiraCosta College Community Education & Workforce Development. We do it better, faster, and for a fraction of the cost you would spend at a private college!

Many of our programs have been approved for alternate sources of funding, such as GI Bill funding, WIOA funds, MyCAA for military spouses, and grant funding. In addition, we are in the process of obtaining additional work skill course approvals for WIOA and GI Bill funding. Check back on our site to see updates!

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Other Work Skill Programs

Certified AT/FP Specialist (CAPS)

Students will receive all course work for a California guard card, exposed weapon permit, and a baton permit. In addition, certain students will qualify for a concealed weapon permit from the states of Florida and Utah (you will not be able to carry a concealed weapon in CA). Utah has new policies regarding qualifications for CCW permits. Please check their site HERE to determine if you qualify. Students will also receive four days of specialized training in anti terrorism/force protection (curriculum has been adjusted from executive protection to force protection or high risk static security). Students can take it before or after any of our other security courses, or as a stand-alone.

"I have had an offer from Securitas, I am going to Gavin De Becker's training academy this month, and I also have an offer from Aegis World Wide. This course has truly set me up for success. It really showed me what opportunities are actually out there. The experience from his class really looked good to the folks a Aegis. Thank you."
"I am currently going through training with Triple Canopy. They do high threat security over in Iraq and other countries. The training received through the program definitely gave me a little head start on the training here, as a lot of the stuff we are learning I already learned in the CASPO. I also had job offers from Aegis and Armour Group (also do overseas security contracts), Border Patrol, and Gavin de Becker."
"I’ve actually had 2 separate job opportunities since the class. I was hired at Casino Morongo in Palm Springs as an armed guard and I was also hired by Securitas in Temecula. Both companies thought that the comprehensive class was more than enough for the job. Personally I think that the class was an amazing opportunity that opened so many job doors."


Corporate & Celebrity Protection (previously Executive Protection)

This Corporate & Celebrity Protection course is the ideal starting point for those wishing to break into the protection business, those transitioning from military or law enforcement, or for high threat protection specialists/WPS/PSD who want to add corporate and celebrity protection to their existing knowledge and skill sets. Students can take it before or after any of our other security courses, or as a stand-alone.

"This was definitely one of the most realistic training courses I have been to. The classroom material was beneficial when it came to applying the material in the practical application scenarios. The instructors displayed the best combination of professionalism and experience. I feel confident in my abilities to perform on a high-threat EP team.."
"We were able to apply what we learned to a real life security detail and I was able to see how the skills that we were taught work in an ever-changing environment, and how to adjust on the fly."
"The hard skills we learned were extremely pertinent to practical application. The insights and experience set this course apart, giving graduatings a necessary edge."


High Risk Medic (previously High Risk First Responder)

Many do not have the time to attend lengthy EMT or paramedic courses. This course focuses on serious wounds caused by gunshots, blasts, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and other life threatening injuries that may be encountered in a military, law enforcement or high risk security environment. Students can take it before or after any of our other security courses, or as a stand-alone.

high riskHigh Risk First ResponderCPR

"This course was very well tuaght and real world based. I learned new things and improved skills I already had. I highly recommend this course to all trying to enhance their skill set. The training was fast-paced and relevant.."
"Best medical training in my 18 years of Law Enforcement!"
"If we had this training before my deployments, we would have saved a lot of lives. These were among the best instructors I've ever met and I've spent the last 10 years in training environments. During this course I learned more efficient medical training than I did in 6 years of service in the Marine Corps. They were thorough, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable."

"Best medical training of my career! Better than DMOC (LT Course)."

"Instructor staff is second to none. TCCC was excellent!"

"The instructors did outstanding. They cut through the BS and taught us real-world things that will actually work. This has by far been the most well rounded school I have ever been to."

High Threat Protection

This program bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. Students will receive the training, knowledge, and skill sets to be a proficient protective team leader/member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective environments, the High Threat-Low Profile area of operations. Students can take it before or after any of our other security courses, or as a stand-alone.

"The High Threat Protection course far exceeded my expectations, especially for a VA funded course. Having completed numerous schools over the span of 23 years in the military, this is far and away one of THE BEST courses I've attended. Minimal time in the classroom with maximum time and effort on the range, in the dirt, and in an actual operating environment. Top notch group of professionals! Each instructor took a sincere interest in sharing their knowledge and experience. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from and work with again in the future."
"The HTPS course has mastered the art of ensuring students retain the knowledge through high stress situations. I have never seen instruction of this caliber before. The HTPS instructors showed professionalism, passion for the training, and advanced knowledge of the subjects... I feel the course was absolutely worth the time and money.."
"Best training I have ever received. Very hands-on and efficient teaching. Instructors gave very good individual instruction and care about the well being and learning of the students. Better training in 3 weeks than I ever received in the Marines. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in what they teach, and it shows. They teach what works and what doesn't."


If you are interested in taking the Corporate & Celebrity Protection, High Risk Medic, and High Threat Protection courses, you can enroll in our High Threat Protection Specialist certificate program. This certificate will be available through the VA in about a month.

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