Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Adult High School Diploma Program courses cost?

All courses are offered tuition-free. There are costs for book rentals and purchases.

How long will it take to earn the Adult High School Diploma?

The length of the program depends upon the number of credits completed prior to starting the program, and the number of courses completed each term. It is recommended that you see a counselor to develop an education plan.

How many courses do I need to enroll in each term?

Students may choose to take one or more courses during any term; however, they are encouraged to balance their course schedules with work, family, and other commitments.

I have the required 170 credits. Am I eligible to graduate?

In addition to credit requirements, students must also meet residency and competency requirements. View an explanation of diploma requirements.

Are independent study courses available?

No. All courses, including computer-based courses held in our Community Learning Lab, have attendance requirements.

Do MiraCosta College courses satisfy AHSDP requirements?

Yes. These are the MiraCosta AHS credit requirements and the college courses that may be taken to meet those requirements.  Official transcripts of all previous high school and college courses should be submitted to the AHS for evaluation. Once the evaluation has taken place, you should see a counselor to develop an education plan.

Are there accommodations available for students with disabilities?

A reading skills assessment is administered to all new students as part of the registration process. Adaptive testing for students with documentation that verifies disabilities is available upon request. Students with verified disabilities are entitled to appropriate accommodations, and should contact a counselor for additional information.