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We offer our classes in TERMS, as follows:

August to December January to May June & July
Term 1
(8 weeks)
Term 2
(8 weeks)
Term 3
(8 weeks)
Term 4
(8 weeks)
Term 5
(6 weeks)

We also offer a variety of classes in the DAY and EVENING:

Sun Moon
Most DAY classes meet four times per week: 
Monday - Thursday
Most DAY classes fit into 4 periods with START times as follows: (End times vary based on academic holidays)
All EVENING classes meet two times per week:  Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
All EVENING classes START at 6:00pm (End times vary based on academic holidays)
Summer EVENING classes meet three times per week.
Period 1 8:30am Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00pm
Period 2 10:15am Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00pm
Period 3 12:00pm    
Period 4 1:45pm    

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