Tuition-Free Noncredit Classes for Adults

Continuing MiraCosta Students

You are a continuing student if you are currently enrolled in noncredit classes or enrolled in the previous semester:

Continuing students do not need to submit an application and may enroll in classes beginning May 16, 2018. Students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. You may enroll in classes by going to the SURF website. You may also enroll in person at the Community Learning Center. If you are familiar with SURF click on the SURF logo below to begin Enrollment. 

Enroll in Classes 

Go to:

If you are a first time user of SURF please read the following information before you begin enrollment.

Who Can Use SURF

Who Can Not Use SURF

Before You Use SURF

If you have a delinquent account with MiraCosta you must resolve it either online or at the Community Learning Center in Oceanside, the Student Accounts Office, located in Building 3200 on the Oceanside Campus, or the Administration Building at the San Elijo Campus.

If you have a hold on your account with MiraCosta you must resolve it before enrolling. To find out if you have   a hold, Login to SURF with your SURF ID and Password, click on the Personal Portfolio link, and then click on the Holds link.  If you have a hold, you must contact the office(s) that placed the hold(s) on your account to proceed with enrollment.

Before signing into SURF, you may want to complete the planning worksheet below.

You may search for noncredit classes by browsing the catalog in SURF or if you prefer you can click on the class schedule below to see the noncredit classes you may enroll in using SURF. The class schedule below will be updated frequently to report the status of the classes (open/closed), but the most accurate and current enrollment information will be found in SURF.

Where to Use SURF

You may use any computer with Internet access including computers in MiraCosta labs.  SURF stations are also available at the Community Learning Center, and the Admissions and Records offices at the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses.

Enrolling through SURF

Once you have selected your classes go to SURF to begin Enrollment.

Enter your SURF ID and SURF Password, click Sign In.  First-time users click "Get your SURF ID & password here" located at the bottom of the page.  Returning users who have forgotten their information or want to reset their password click "Get your SURF ID & password here" or "Reset your student password." 

After you login you will see the default Selection (Student Center) and the student's navigation menu located on the left side. Click Self Service to view the available categories listed below.

My Course History

Print your class schedule under Enrollment > My Class Schedule. If you do not have a printer, you may complete the enrollment process online and later come to campus to print your class schedule at a SURF station at the Community Learning Center or Admissions and Records offices (no charge for printing). Please note that you will not be mailed receipts or any confirmation of enrollment.  Please plan on attending the first class meeting.  Classes with fewer than 20 students are subject to cancellation.

Parking Information: Campus parking permits are required at the Oceanside, San Elijo, and Community Learning Center campuses Monday through Saturday. Daily parking permits are available for purchase at the Community Learning Center.