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Preparatory Chemistry

This introductory chemistry course focuses on developing problem-solving skills needed for success in CHEM 110. It emphasizes the application of the scientific method, modern ideas concerning atomic structure and chemical bonding, the periodic table and its relationship to chemical properties, principles of stoichiometry including chemical ratio calculations, chemical nomenclature, properties of the states of matter, and chemical reaction principles. The laboratory component of this course provides direct participation in experiments, demonstrations, learning activities and discussions related to fundamental concepts in chemistry. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for CHEM 100/CHEM 100H or CHEM 108; No credit if taken after CHEM 110/CHEM 110H.

Subject: CHEM
Course Number: 108
Section Number: 1051
Units: 4

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email:
Office: OC 3206
Office hours: ONLINE ONLY: Monday and Tuesday, 9 PM to 10 PM
Phone: 760-757-2121, ext. 6407
Instructor notes: This section of CHEM 108 requires two exams be taken at MiraCosta's Academic Proctoring Center. Arrangements may be made to take one or both exams at another location, but it is the student's responsibility to take the initiative in this.

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