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Principles of Health

This survey course on the principles of health and wellness aims to enhance the student's self-awareness through exposure to the principles of wellness. Topics include exercise, weight maintenance, nutrition, human sexuality, sexual responses, sexually transmitted diseases, drug use, misuse and abuse, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Subject: HEAL
Course Number: 101
Section Number: 1224
Units: 3

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email:
Office: online
Office hours: I will check email on a daily basis, but remember that I am not online 24 hours a day.
Phone: 760-757-2121 x6572 voicemail
Instructor notes: You will need: Core Concepts in Health, Twelfth Edition,BRIEF by Paul Insel and Walton Roth, older editions of the text will not work for this class. The Mira Costa Library has a text on reserve for library use if needed. NO ACCESS CARD needed. -Internet access and check Bb regularly - Have a strong self motivation for studying and learning - Be willing to spend up to 9 hours per week on the course, which is equivalent to 3 hours in class and 6 hours outside of class - Have moderate experience with the Web, email, attachments, downloading, etc - Understand and apply appropriate email netiquette - An understanding that any activity on a college computer that creates, downloads, or otherwise Although the course is entirely online, it is not self paced. You complete the assignments for each week generally on your own time schedule within that week. Each student assignment is to be completed and submitted by 11:00 pm on the due date. Due dates for this class are typically Mondays and Thursdays by 11:00pm. If you wait until the due date to submit assignments or do exams and have technical difficulty, makeup testing or submitting late assignments is not allowed. If you have a problem with something that is happening in the course email the professor directly.

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