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American Institutions and History

Students study basic concepts in the political and historical traditions of America and California by analyzing national, state, and local political institutions from colonial times to the present. The course examines the evolution of concepts and ideas that are fundamental to our political culture. It emphasizes the concepts citizens should understand in order to vote intelligently and otherwise effectively participate in the political process. This course is designed specifically to satisfy the CSU History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement. C-ID POLS-110.

Subject: PLSC
Course Number: 102
Section Number: 1344
Units: 4

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email:
Office: Oceanside 3123
Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11am to 12pm
Phone: 760-757-2121 ext. 6317 (emailing me is faster)
Instructor notes: Welcome to Political Science 102 Online! My name is Dr. John Phillips, and I will be your instructor for this course. I will have our Blackboard site available for everyone on the first day of the semester (i.e. the first Monday), which is when we will begin. There are specific due dates throughout the semester, so this course is not self-paced. In order to show that you’re “attending class,” students must view weekly lecture videos, write at least three posts on our weekly discussion boards, and submit other assignments by the due dates listed in the syllabus. [The syllabus will be available on first day of class.] Students who do not complete these tasks during the first week will be considered “absent” and dropped from the class. **This course also includes three exams that must be taken on the MiraCosta campus (or by arrangement at another approved proctoring center). The exams are taken at the Academic Proctoring Center, which has locations on both the Oceanside and San Elijo campuses, with hours typically in the morning, afternoon, and evening, Monday through Friday.

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