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Nutrition Today

This course relates scientific concepts of nutrition to the function of nutrients in basic life processes. It emphasizes individual needs; functions and sources of nutrients; current nutrition and health issues; scientific method for analysis and evaluation of nutrition information; dietary guidelines and current nutrition recommendations; digestion, absorption, and metabolism; health, fitness, and disease; nutrition in the life span; and food safety. Students evaluate their food intake using several methods, including a computer diet analysis. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for NUTR 100, NUTR 100H, NUTR 105, or NUTR 125. C-ID NUTR-110.

Subject: NUTR
Course Number: 100
Section Number: 1402
Units: 3

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
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Course start page: Course Schedule
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Office: Admissions Part-Time Faculty Area
Office hours: By Appointment
Phone: None
Instructor notes: This is a 100% online course that does not have any on campus meetings. Since this the Summer session is a short term, this is a VERY fast-paced course with extensive reading and assignments due every week. You must be able to purchse the textbook and diet analysis software before class begins. You must have a reliable computer with high-speed internet access. This is NOT a course that can be successfully completed by simply working on coursework on the weekend. Information regarding course materials will be sent to enrolled students one week before class starts. Communication with students is conducted through email Monday-Friday.

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