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Digital Photography

This course uses digital cameras and the computer as tools to create photographic imagery. Students explore camera controls, principles of composition, and photographic theory and techniques using state-of-the-art hardware and programs. Students learn editing techniques appropriate for print and electronic presentations. The course addresses ethical considerations regarding image manipulation and ownership. Students may use digital camera images, scanned negatives, or slides to produce a final print portfolio.

Subject: ART
Course Number: 251
Section Number: 1506
Units: 3

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Instructor notes: Due to the compressed 6-week schedule, please be aware that this will be an incredibly intensive course. We'll be hitting the ground running once it starts, so please prepare by procuring the following: 1) digital SLR camera with manual and RAW capabilities; 2) hi-speed internet & web access; 3) desktop or laptop computer; and, 4) Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud or Creative Suite 6 with Adobe Bridge. You may want to access Adobe's Creative Cloud website to consider your options (particularly the Educational Plans). This class focuses on Photoshop's Adobe Camera Raw editing capabilities. Bridge will be used for file management.

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