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Physical Geology

Physical geology introduces the processes at work changing the earth today. Within the context of global tectonics, it explores the origins of rocks and minerals and the dynamics of processes such as igneous activity, seismicity, and crustal deformation driven by the release of earth's internal heat. It also examines how air, water, and ice move in response to gravity and energy from the sun, sculpting earth's surface by eroding, transporting, and depositing weathered rock materials. UC CREDIT LIMITATION: Credit for GEOL 101 or GEOL 101H.

Subject: GEOL
Course Number: 101
Section Number: 1537
Units: 3

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
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Office: online
Office hours: as requested or posted
Instructor notes: This class is taught completely online in BlackBoard. This course is designed for students that are comfortable working in an online environment. Students who aren't familiar with the use of e-mail and the internet will want to develop those skills before enrolling in this course, as those skills will not be taught in this course. Please make sure you have your textbook by the first day of class. "The Earth, an Introduction to Physical Geology", 10th edition, Tarbuck and Lutgens. This course REQUIRES the textbook (hard copy or e-version), AND the online access code. The access code comes with a new textbook. You can also get the online access key through the publishers website separately if you get a used book or purchase an online textbook separately. Timelines, Deadlines, etc. Time management is the key to taking an online class. Students who procrastinate will NOT do well. Assignments will become available weekly and will appear with a due date, which will be about 10-14 days following the availability date. Assignments will almost always be due on MONDAY evenings at 11PM. You will have sufficient time to complete assignments given this schedule, so assignments will simply NOT be accepted following the due date/time. Because it sometimes happens that computer networks are unavailable, it is preferable to get your written assignments and quizzes done and submitted a few days BEFORE the due date. This will avoid any last minute issues with trying to post an assignment on the due date, only to find that your Internet Service Provider is down, or you have other computer problems. Please note that this class requires weekly written assignments, usually in the form of short essays. San Diego is a great place to learn Geology - See our landscape in a new light!

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