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Real Estate Principles

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the real estate industry. Topics include basic concepts, nature of real estate, agency, law, contracts, finance, appraisal, taxation, property management, and public control. The course meets one of three courses required to qualify for the California Real Estate Sales examination.

Subject: REAL
Course Number: 100
Section Number: 1815
Units: 3

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
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Office: 760-757-2121 ext 1368
Office hours: set at beginning of each semester
Phone: 760-757-2121 ext 1368
Instructor notes: Susie Sherry Teaching Philosophy MiraCosta College Fall 2013 Semester REAL100 is entirely online. I have been a licensed Realtor for over 20 years, practicing in both California and Hawaii. I work hard to provide excellent customer service to both my classroom students and my real estate clients As a Realtor, I believe everyone should have a basic knowledge of real estate, real estate law, and real estate economics so that they can be informed, successful consumers throughout their lifetimes. My intention as a Realtor is to educate my clients as we transact real estate business together. I believe life is enhanced by learning. I believe people thrive on learning new things, contemplating new ideas, re-tooling as their life evolves. As a teacher, I intend to play an active role in this “thriving”. I strive to provide students with the ability to “learn how to learn” no matter what discipline we are studying. I believe that to be successful in life today, students need to hone their ability to spot trends, be on the look-out for new ideas, to regularly “look above the trees” and not get stuck in the forest of the known and familiar. The world is changing rapidly with new ideas, technologies and businesses emerging constantly and we are becoming a more global society. It is our job as Educators to teach students how to be aware of change and how to respond to change effectively. I believe that students learn best in the classroom when they know why course content is relevant to their lives and how to use the knowledge they are gaining efficiently. I believe students learn as much from other students in each class as they do from the instructor. My job as an educator is to create an environment where learning takes place by making the classroom safe and stress-free, while helping students build a classroom community, whether in a live class or online. If students choose to take my class, they should be pro-active, self-disciplined, have good time management skills and at least 6 hours a week to work on class besides their classroom time for a 3 unit class. They should have the technical knowledge and ready access to an efficient computer, and to effectively deal with the Internet, Email, Blackboard and basic computer skills. I am available at any time to assist students, and students should take advantage of this support. My syllabus for each class is available online. I invite inquiries via email if you are contemplating one of my classes. I wish you every success as a student! Happy Learning…

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