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Real Estate Practice

This course enhances the knowledge and skill level of beginning and practicing real estate agents by focusing on the essentials of being a successful agent. Topics range from getting started, setting goals, traditional selling and marketing techniques, contract writing, developing a marketing niche, creating a business plan, and creating seller/buyer files.

Subject: REAL
Course Number: 105
Section Number: 1956
Units: 3

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Office: 760 757-2121 ext 1302
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Phone: 760 822-1528
Instructor notes: MiraCosta College REAL 105, CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE Fall 2012 General Information: WELCOME to MiraCosta’s online offering of REAL 105 California Real Estate Practice. I hope you find the class interesting and enjoyable, and that you learn some valuable lessons and concepts you can apply to current and future personal and business situations. Knowledge of the law is helpful in many areas of your life. My name is Mike Daniels, and I will be your instructor. I am a practicing California Real Estate Broker DRE # 01112089, and Associate Faculty at MiraCosta College. I bring my real world real estate experiences into the class room to make the subject matter more relevant and interesting. I freely give examples of my most successful marketing campaigns to my students so they can leave my classes with the ability to generate “now business.” Shortly before the first week of class you will be sent further instructions and informed when the class site is accessible. ( If you haven’t received an email by the first day of the semester, be sure to email the instructor immediately, clearly identifying yourself, the class, the section, and your email address and phone numbers: This is the second course students will take to help them prepare for further studies in real estate. This course covers operations in real estate: listing, prospecting, advertising, financing, sales techniques, escrow and ethics. This course applies toward educational requirements for a broker's examination. This course is required by the California Department of Real Estate prior to taking the Real Estate Salesperson's examination. COURSE DESCRIPTION Includes study of real estate, the real estate market, real estate ownership and interests, land descriptions, property transfers, real estate contracts, encumbrances, real estate finance, the appraisal process, real estate license law, landlord/tenant law, and public control. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Apply the principles for prospecting to the real estate market. 2. Apply real estate laws and regulations to documents necessary to sell and purchase a house. 3. Compare and contrast the differences between mediation and arbitration. At the end of the course, a student will demonstrate the ability to: • Describe the licensing requirements for the state of California • Understand the employment contracts used in Real Estate • Intelligently choose a Real Estate organization for employment • Understand Agency Relationships and forms • List different types of Listing Agreements • List and understand basic disclosure forms • Understand how to complete a Listing Agreement • List the factors related to servicing a listing • Understand how to complete the Purchase Agreement • List the factors related to working with buyers and presenting an offer • Understand methods on how to prospect for clients • Develop a personal marketing program • Understand the entire process from acceptance to close • Develop a marketing “Niche.” Course Requirements 1. Have regular access to an efficient, dependable computer with fast, reliable internet access. 2. Make sure your computer has all the necessary software that will be indicated in the syllabus (all will have free downloads). 3. Access your email and the Blackboard class site several times per week (minimum of 3). 4. Complete and submit assignments on a timely basis to the instructor according to the instructions and the syllabus schedule. Do not ask for exceptions to the rules and do not wait until the last minute or accept the consequences of such action. 5. Share your knowledge, participate with a view to learning and growing, and have a good time. Text and Other Information TEXTBOOK: CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE PRACTICE by Robert L. Herd & Bruce A. Southstone. Second Edition, 2011, Cenage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-0-538-74055-5 The books may be obtained from the MCC Spartan bookstore or online, you may wish to try or There is a copy of the text on reserve at both the Oceanside and SEC library if needed. You may purchase the text at various locations and web sites, but if you don’t purchase it from the MCC Bookstore, you assume and accept all risks, including return policy, delays in delivery, etc. Choose wisely. You may purchase class materials from any source, other web sites, other vendors, or the MiraCosta College Bookstore: Make sure you know the pros and cons of using each vendor. All students are responsible for knowing exactly what materials are needed, what the rules and policies of each vendor are, and for making your own decision. All students are responsible for obtaining the correct materials by the second class period for on-campus classes and by the Friday of Week 1 for online classes. Check with your instructor if you have any questions. Required Hardware: Regular access to an efficient, dependable computer with fast, reliable internet access Required Software: Real Player (for videos), Adobe Flash Player (for Camtasia videos), Adobe Reader (for pdf’s). All of these are free downloads on the Internet. Enrolling in the Course 1. To register for this class, you must first register as a student with MiraCosta College. Go to: Admissions & Records: New Students: Returning Students: 2. Checklist for Getting Started with Online Classes: 3. Review the basic online class technical requirements: 4. Review the basic quiz for online student potential: Additional Information If you do register, make sure you meet all registration and submission deadlines listed on this site and in the syllabus you will receive. The online course management system will be Blackboard, hosted by MiraCosta College: IMPORTANT NOTE on ADDs to CLOSED Classes: All the online classes and many of the on-campus classes close quickly. You should register ASAP if you are interested in any class. If you change your mind, please drop the class immediately so others can enroll. If the class is closed, consider the Wait List procedures; be aware of the rules and the limitations. Otherwise, consider these options: 1) register for another section if available; 2) register for another class; 3) consider registering in a future semester; 4) show up for the first day of an on-campus class and discuss with the instructor; or 5) forget about it and move on. The instructor will not intervene with the wait list procedure. Please be aware that, once a class reaches maximum enrollment and “closes,” on or after the first day of the semester, even if “available” spaces appear on SURF due to drops, it is within the instructor's complete discretion on whether to add more students at that time. Drops after the first day are normal attrition and are factored in when setting the maximum enrollment. The class has started and important assignments and subject matter have already been covered. Please do not email the instructor. Thank you for your understanding.

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