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Beginning Keyboarding

This beginning keyboarding course focuses on correct finger placement and technique. Students use a guided online software program to learn proper typing posture and finger placement, to practice the alphabetic keyboard, and to accomplish a speed of approximately 25 wpm. Offered pass/no pass only.

Subject: BOT
Course Number: 100
Section Number: 2598
Units: 1

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Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Blackboard
LMS link:
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Office: Online
Office hours: Online
Phone: (760) 944-4449 x 8968
Instructor notes: This is an 8-week beginning keyboarding course for students wanting to learn the alphabetic keys on a computer keyboard and basic keyboarding technique. Finger placement and accuracy are emphasized, not speed. The course does not teach numbers or symbols. Your progress will be recorded in your Progress Report, which is part of the keyboarding program for this class. You will be using the Keyboard Mastery software from Ellsworth Publishing ( for this course. You may purchase the textbook/access code or just an access code from the publisher or the MiraCosta bookstore. Please note that you MUST purchase either the textbook/access code OR an access code for this course. If you have a question about the class, please email the instructor at

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