Theatre & Film

The Theatre discipline teaches understanding of current acting techniques and modern vocational skills to encourage student success in their artistic endeavors.

The Theatre discipline at MiraCosta College is committed to artistic enrichment and appreciation of the theatre arts for all students. The academic discipline seeks to present opportunities for students (1) to develop an appreciation for theatre; (2) to improve the knowledge and skills required to work in the theatre arts professionally and in related careers; (3) to gain awareness, as participants or audience members, of the influences of theatre in the world.

The faculty is dedicated to excellence in Theatre education that emphasizes transfer education, personal growth, professional preparatory training and community involvement. For the major, public performance is at the core of the discipline’s program.

Consequently, participation with theatre production activities is vital for all majors as is challenging scholastics and theoretical study. The main stage production season is composed of four stylistically different plays each year. For further training, The Actor’s Academy offers a conservatory style program that focuses on classical actor training. 

The theatre facilities include a 247 seat proscenium theatre has many unique features including a vomitorium and flexible thrust stage and the Little Theatre, a small proscenium space used primarily for experimental theatre.

MiraCosta College Theatre: your stage to outstanding theatre.

The Actor’s “Academini”

June 15- July 25

Monday thru Thursday

We are going to stay together over this summer… NO MATTER WHAT! We work in Theatre and Actors WANT to act!

Our Purpose:

To keep our actor’s training in Classical Methods of Performance.We know we can’t do everything will online, but we know we can continue to work on Voice, Text, Objective, Relationship, Listening, Reacting, Performance Energy, etc.

What are we going to DO?

Student who are accepted into the program will enroll in:

Rehearsal and Performance: Classical (DRAM 205) 1 unit, 9:30-11:35am

Using Shakespeare’s texts, we will create and produce a Radio Drama of 1 or 2 of Shakespeare’s comedies.  It will be done in the format of the 1940’s radio plays with sound effects, beautiful vocal work, character voices and singing. Each week we will host professional actors from around the country in live Zoom interviews.  They will chat with us about why classical acting training matters, how they trained and where they have enjoyed working in the world.  We will ask each of them to leave you with at least 1 training tip.

Practicum of Voice and Diction (DRAM 109) 1 unit, 12:30-2:35pm

Students will cover how to work with Shakespeare’s text, and learn tools to mark vocal structure through Lessac and IPA. Taking advantage of the online medium, the class will focus on applying vocal skills in voiceover projects. Learning performance technique when your voice is all you have through sonnets, monologues, speeches, letters, and commercials. Those who have already taken DRAM 109 will enroll as a TA internship (DRAM 292) and work on an additional voiceover reel project for an extra challenge.

*After classes twice a week, we will offer a shared screen to play the Callanetics exercise videos for those who wish to participate in this classic Academy tradition.

What do I do Now?

General Meetings on Zoom:

April 24th @4:30pm

This meeting is to answer your questions about summer offerings, how to audition and what the days will look like.

Zoom Code: Join URL:

May 4th @8:00pm

This is the last Q&A before auditions.  Come and get all of your last- minute questions answered!

Zoom Code: Join URL:


When: May 11th (you may submit before the deadline). You will be submitting an online audition. Make your video and upload it in our Google Form.

What should be on this video:

When will I know if I got in?

We will email you about your acceptance before midnight on May 15th.

Are there any fees?

You will be paying tuition for the classes above.  Each class is 1 unit of credit.  You can find the cost of tuition at MiraCosta at:

There are no additional course fees. 

You will be asked to have a Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

These plays are all available for free online, but you may wish to have a hard copy and will want to order this book well in advance of the first class meeting.   There are many versions out there. It doesn’t matter which one you get.

Is there anything else I need?

All of the work will be online.  You will need a computer and/or smart phone with video and recording capabilities.  If you don’t have a computer with video, there is an equipment checkout for students enrolled in Summer School.  While they may be available again before summer starts, I would do it NOW:

Great news!💻The Library will be loaning laptops to students next week at the Community Learning Center. If you would like to borrow a laptop for the remainder of the semester (and during the summer if you are taking summer classes), you must complete this request

The form includes a link to the Technology User Agreement that you must submit as part of your request. The laptops are being distributed at the Community Learning Center, located at 1831 Mission Avenue in Oceanside, on Thursday, April 23, from 4–7 p.m. and Friday, April 24, from 9 a.m.–12 p.m.






Career Options

Students who complete studies in performance and technical theatre may find career choices in live theatre, film, television, and broadcasting; academic research and teaching; and other communications-related fields such as advertising and public relations.

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Department: Theatre & Film

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Interim Academic Division Administrative Assistant: Veronica Sanchez
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