Hospitality Management

Classes start the week of September 4, 2012

HOSP 110  #2317 – Guest Services and Presentations
Thursdays, 6:00-7:50pm + 1.5 hours online
Students gain service and presentation skills expected of uniformed hospitality employees, supervisors, and managers when interacting on a professional basis with hospitality guests and colleagues. Students may be required to visit various hospitality sites.

HOSP 134  #1681 – Sustainable Facilities Management
This course examines how sustainable practices apply to the management and design of hospitality facilities, United Nations' environmental guidelines, industry trends, and techniques to reduce expenses, increase efficiency, and ensure safe and sanitary operations that meet guests' expectations.

HOSP 150  #2320 – Purchasing and Cost Control
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm + 1 hour online
This course applies control to food, beverage, supplies, and labor costs, and it emphasizes operating budget, income and cost control, menu pricing, linens, and supplies. Students may be required to visit various hospitality sites.

To enroll, visit or for more information call Admissions and Records at 760.795.6620.