Credit by Exam

Credit by Examination

This is your best option if you are already proficient in a foreign language and all you need is the units to satisfy a requirement.  No attendance is necessary; your time will be spent preparing for a comprehensive written final and a comprehensive speaking exam, both of which are representative of what a student should know at the end of the semester in a particular level.

You must be currently enrolled in at least three units at MiraCosta College to receive credit for:

Currently, the International Languages Department at MiraCosta College does not offer credit by exam in Chinese, German, and Japanese.  (You might want to check with another college to see if they do.)

Start the process by discussing this option with your academic advisor (counselor), who will be the first person to sign your "Credit by Institutional Examination" form. You should talk to your counselor as early as possible in the semester. After obtaining the signature of your counselor, you will be directed to the Credit by Examination Coordinator to receive his signature.

All paperwork with all necessary signatures and payment must be completed and received by Admissions & Records by the end of the sixth week of classes. Once you have made your decision, please follow the procedures below carefully. Upon approval of the Credit by Examination Coordinator, students are allowed to take a maximum of two exams per semester (except during summer, when the maximum is one exam).

Spring 2014

Summer 2014