Library Science

The goal of the Library Science Program is to ensure students have a good foundation in information competency skills for success at MiraCosta College and after transfer to a university and/or entering the workforce. Among the more essential of these skills are the ability to:

Contact Information

Department Chair: Richard Ma
Office: San Elijo, Building 110-B
P 760.795.6851

Dean: Mario Valente
Office: Oceanside, Room 1260
P 760.795.6720

Department: Library Science

Department Secretary: Lori Schneider
Office: Oceanside, Building 3100
P 760.795.6871
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Library and Information Hub
Oceanside Campus, Bldg. 1200
Building Evacuation Plan
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Library and Information Hub
San Elijo Campus, Bldg. 100
Campus Map

Full-Time Faculty

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