LVN-RN Nursing Program

This is a full time, evening and weekend program. The schedule is as follows but is subject to change without notice:

Studies show that nursing students who work more than 24 hours per week (even in the health care setting) tend not to be successful in an RN program. It is highly recommended to restrict working hours

Admission Requirements and Application

The Nursing Program has implemented a new Admissions Policy.  Commencing with the Spring 2012 semester, all students will be selected using the new multi-criteria point system.

This change in the admissions policy was done under the guidance and recommendations from the California Community College Chancellor's Office - Nursing Advisory Committee. You may choose to submit your application with only the five pre-requisites completed, however, completion of ALL the coursework listed in the application will provide you with more points and a better ranking.

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.

Applications received by February 28, 2014 will be considered for the Summer 2014 class.  Those received after that date, will be considered for the following year. Notification will be sent by April.

Eligibility Requirements for the LVN-RN Program

ALL of the following must be met in order to be eligible to APPLY to the LVN-RN Career Ladder Program.

Transcript Requirement

Testing Requirement

Foreign Transcripts

Denial of Licensure

For applicants who are notified that they have been accepted for enrollment in the program, there are additional requirements