Propose a Flex Workshop

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Do you have a flex workshop in mind? Briefly describe what the participants will do and how the workshop is expected to benefit faculty in one or more of the three state-approved areas: staff, student, and/or instructional improvement. This description is how potential attendees will decide if they want to register for your workshop and how the Professional Development Committee will decide whether or not to approve the workshop.

Main Facilitator - REQUIRED
Select the MCC username of the main facilitator.

Co-facilitator(s) - Optional
Select the MCC username(s) of the co-facilitator(s). If you need to add more than three co-facilitators, include three below and proceed with the proposal submission. When PDP contacts you about this proposal, you can reply and request additional co-facilitators be added.

Workshop Title - limit 50 characters  

Workshop Description and Professional Development Justification - limit 1000 characters
This is how potential attendees will decide if they want to register for your workshop and what will be printed in the description everyone sees. This is also how the PDP Committee will decide whether to approve the proposal. Make sure to include an example of how the activity is expected to contribute to participants' professional development in one or more of the state-approved areas: staff improvement (non-instructional workplace duties), student improvement (helping you assist students in more personal, non-instructional ways), or instructional improvement (directly related to classroom duties).

(Optional): Please indicate any professional development strand(s) appropriate for this workshop:

Preferred Date

Preferred Time

Additional Date & Time Information
If you have no date/time preference or are flexible with the date and/or time, please specify that information here.

Preferred Campus & Room
Please consider this list carefully. There are options if you do not have a room preference, need help choosing, online, etc. Select carefully. PDP uses this information when considering activities for approval. PDP is not responsible for scheduling conflicts, cancellations, etc. if you choose the wrong campus.

Location Confirmed?
Have you already reserved and confirmed the location?
"Yes" means PDP will not verify the availability of the location. "No" means PDP will attempt to make location arrangements for you (which may result in a change of venue if your originally requested location is unavailable).

Credit Hours
How many hours will the workshop last? A credit hour is 50 minutes.

Maximum Number of Participants
What is the maximum number of participants the workshop can support? If you have no preference (i.e. up to room capacity) do not change the value.

Special Logistics
 If this workshop requires special facilities set-up, support from AIS, Media Services, etc. (anything that wouldn't be "standard" in that location), please indicate those needs here and whether you will make those arrangements yourself or need assistance from PDP in doing so.