Religious Studies

The Religious Studies discipline focuses on the analysis and comparison of religious traditions using methods from a variety of disciplines. Students take religious studies courses to prepare for a major or to fulfill general education requirements in humanities or ethnic studies. With a bachelor's degree in religious studies, students pursue careers in law, business, public and political service, and education. A religious studies major also prepares students for graduate studies in the discipline and for professional seminary and divinity school.

Contact Information

Department Chair: Isabel Luengo
Office: San Elijo, Room 511
P 760.757.2121 x7745

Dean: Dana Smith
Office:  San Elijo, Administration Building
P 760.634.7854

Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies

Academic Division Administrative Assistants:

Becky Kessab (days) and Maria Huerta (evenings)
Office: San Elijo, Administration Building
P 760.634.7879

Full-Time Faculty

Jeff Murico
Office: Oceanside, Room 3121
P 760.757.2121 x6551