Open Summer 2017 Courses

Summer Fall

Math Fundamentals for Statistics I

This course covers the fundamentals of real numbers, pattern recognition and generalization, graphs and functions, basics of exponents, and solving of proportions and equations. It develops the relationship between realistic applications and quantitative reasoning. This course is a prerequisite for MATH 95; completion of both MATH 52 and MATH 95 can serve as the equivalent to the prerequisite for BIO 180, BTEC 180, BUS 204, MATH 103, SOC 104, SOC 104H, PSYC 104, or PSYC 104H. This course is not a prerequisite for CHEM 108, MATH 105, MATH 115, MATH 126, or any college or university calculus course. (Materials Fee: $20.00)

Subject: MATH
Units: 4

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