ABOUT Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

The process of evolving a learner-centered curriculum succeeds only if everyone participates, speaking within and across disciplines, at every stage and in an ongoing manner to create a meaningful, manageable and sustainable assessment process. Incorporating outcomes and assessment across instruction must be a faculty-designed, learning-centered enterprise.

Student Learning Outcomes and Authentic Assessment

Over the past seven years, the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (SLOAC) formerly Outcomes and Assessment Committee (OAC) has provided the conceptual framework, core values, and exemplary leadership that have shaped our college’s approach to the incorporation of Student Learning Outcomes across our curriculum and programs. Effective June 2009, the work of the OAC was integrated within our new Governance Model, with associated responsibilities for the SLO processes shared across key college governance committees. David Bonds chairs the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) and Gail Baughman chairs the Courses and Programs Committee (C&P). The co-chairs of the Institutional Program Review Committee (IPRC) are Steve Vail and Alketa Wojcik. Shannon Gracey is SLO Coordinator for 2015.

Student Learning Outcome & Assessment Committee (SLOAC)

Mission Statement

In order to advance the mission of MiraCosta College, the Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee (SLOAC) advocates for consistent and meaningful student learning assessment by supporting and guiding the faculty as they creatively, collaboratively, and conscientiously develop, implement, and evaluate their SLOs and assessments. (Adopted by SLOAC on March 2012.)