Maintaining Records of Assessment

Records of assessment should be stored in the TracDat program, the college’s SLO assessment data repository by the student learning outcome leaders assigned to maintain the data for each department.  They are trained in the data entry process.  All faculty should provide them with the data that is to be entered into the program. Each department may develop their own tracking grid that can be completed and provided to each SLO leader. Data from student assessment evaluations and action plans developed in order to enhance student success for course and program SLOs are to be used in the review, reflection, and planning process when each department writes it annual program review. 

Documents that provide evidence of faculty engaging in dialogue related to refining curriculum, SLOs, and the process itself should also be stored in TracDat.  For example, these documents may take the form of meeting agendas, minutes or presentations.

SLOAC-sponsored flex workshops for training faculty in the development of assessments and their evaluation are held regularly.  For further information contact the SLO Coordinator or SLO assessment support staff identified on the college’s SLO website: .

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