Sociology is the study of human social behavior, groups, and how environments influence behavior. Sociologists focus on the origins, organization, institutions and developments of society. Students may take courses to prepare for a sociology major or to fulfill general education requirements.

Career options include social work, human services, law enforcement, legal professions, business, and teaching.

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Department Chair: Thao Ha
Office: Oceanside Campus, Room T 115
P 760.757.2121 x6258

Dean-Interim: Kate Alder
Office: Community Learning Center, Room 128
P 760.757.2121 x8701

Department: Sociology

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Dana Ledet

Oceanside Campus, 3100 Building
P 760.795.6871
Hours: 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Full-Time Faculty

Sean Davis
Office: San Elijo, Room 513
P 760.757.2121 x7713

Thao Ha
Office: Oceanside, Room T 115
P 760.757.2121 x6258

Bruce Hoskins
Office: Oceanside, Room 3116
P 760.757.2121 x6305
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Alicia Lopez
Office: Oceanside, Room 3615
P 760.757.2121 x6228

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