The International Language program provides students the foundation for language study. Students may prepare for a major in Spanish, Japanese, German and French and take courses to meet general education requirements in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish.

Career options include advertising, broadcasting, consulting, translating, counseling, education, film, foreign service, fund raising, human resources, journalism, international relations, law, management, ministry, politics, public relations, sales, social work, and various other related fields.

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Contact Information

Department Chair: Andrea Petri
Office: Oceanside, Room 4621
P 760.757.2121 x6541

Dean: Jonathan Fohrman
Office: Oceanside, Building 4700
P 760-795-6818

Administrative Secretary: Toni Sharp
Office: Oceanside, Building 4700
P 760-795-6844

Instructional Secretary: Leslie Kamps
Office: Oceanside, Building 2000
P 760-795-6816
Hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Full-Time Faculty

Francisco Alvarez
Office: Oceanside, Room 4702
P 760.757.2121 x6284
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Rosa Arceo
Office: Oceanside, Room 4703
P 760.757.2121 x6252
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David Detwiler
Office: San Elijo, Room 510
P 760.944.4449 x7758
Email | View Website

Pilar Hernández
Office: Oceanside, Room 4704
P 760.757.2121 x6431
Email | View Website

Andrea Petri
Office: Oceanside, Room 4703
P 760.757.2121 x6541
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Lilia Vidal
Office: Oceanside, Room 3126
P 760.757.2121 x6539
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Associate Faculty

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